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Built-in Tools

Built-in tools, not just examples, but practical tools

minimum example

InUsing Slate to Add Interface for Python Tools, we demonstrated the ChameleonTool framework with a minimal example. In Using Slate to Add Interface for Python Tools,

Minimal Example In Editor

Sketch Draft Tool

Snapshot of Unreal Engine buttons in Fibonacci layout

In In Design Your Slate Interface with Sketch, we introduced the functionality of using Sketch to preview Slate interfaces in real-time.

Shelf Tool

The Shelf is a shortcut toolbar demonstration, similar to the Maya shelf tool.

Users can drag and drop Actors, Assets, Text, or ChameleonTools onto the interface to save them. When clicked again, the corresponding Actors or other items will be automatically selected, or the associated Python code or tool will be executed.

Object Type Action
asset Select the asset in the Content Brower
folder Enter the folder in the Content Brower
actors Select these actors in the scene
text(python snippet) execute as python code
Chameleon tool JSON file Open Chameleon tool

Widget Knowledge Points

The Shelf tool mainly demonstrates:

Combination usage of SDropTarget, SOverLay, and other widgets Handling user click operations with different widgets by controlling the Visibility of the widgets

Cooperation between components is the catalyst for creating "advanced" tools

Object Detail Viewer

he Object Detail Viewer is a tool for quickly displaying the properties and values of an object. Double-clicking allows you to enter its sub-properties and view the values of the sub-properties. It also supports comparison between two objects, which is helpful for quickly becoming familiar with UE UObject objects.


Widget Knowledge Points

This tool mainly demonstrates: