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The separated python file for each Unreal Engine classes
TipsOfDay Fri, 18 November 2022

Split for a better development experience

Code highlighting and auto-completion in PyCharm and VSCode provide efficiency when developing python editor tools. However, the unreal-generated stub file becomes larger with each newer Unreal engine, causing low memory issues and slower performance in PyCharm. The author suggests splitting the file into smaller files by class name to improve development efficiency.

TAPython in Unreal Engine test case snapshot.
ReleaseNotes Sun, 23 October 2022

What's new in TAPython 1.0.9

TAPython has been upgraded to version 1.0.9. Release Page @github
1. A new lib PythonTestLib has been added, we can get logs and call python script with delay and repetition.
2. In Test cases repo for TAPython extended APIs, more than 200 PythonLib APIs has been tested.
3. Add OnMapChangedCmd callback for Chameleon Tool.
4. Add SDetailsView support, more editor APIs, bugs fixed, and more...

TAPython software small screenshot on OSX operating system
Screenshot of creating or generating mat material and material file
ReleaseNotes Sun, 04 September 2022

What's new in TAPython 1.0.8

TAPython has been upgraded to version 1.0.8. Release Page @github
1. We released the first version of TAPython for MacOS.
2. New Global and Individual Context Menu for Chameleon Tools.
3. Custom Context Menu for Material Editor.
4. More than 30 new APIs for Material Nodes, Texture2D, RenderTarget and SImage.
5. More Control with Chameleon Tool's Window. For instance, snapshot the contents of the entire chameleon tool window, including the parts of ScrollBox that are not shown.
and more...

Fibonacci buttons preview in Unreal Engine Slate
Howto Sat, 02 July 2022

Using Live Templates To Speed Up UE Slate UI Creation

The Sketch tool of TAPython let developer preview the unreal Slate UI in realtime. With the live-templates in Pycharm, it can be considerably faster when coding the UI widgets. In this article I will introduce how to use Live-Templates in pycharm and try to code this UI in less than 90 seconds

SExpandableArea gif animation
SSplitter gif animation
A small photo that show the unreal Engine viewport content on an SPI small screen with a Raspberry pico
ReleaseNotes Sat, 11 June 2022

What's new in TAPython 1.0.4

TAPython has been upgraded to version 1.04 and supports Unreal 5.0.2.
1. Support more slates: SSplitter and SExpandableArea.
2. Configurable icons for menus.
3. Reference External Json in Chameleon UI.
4. More API in PythonBPLib For instance GetViewportPixels, and we can have a lot of fun with it.
and more...