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What's new in TAPython 1.0.10

TAPython has released v1.0.10, which includes the build for Unreal Engine 5.1.1

The Intermediate directory is added to the package and includes UnrealEditor-TAPython.lib (UE4Editor-TAPython.lib in UE4) to make compatibility with the Automated Build System. At the same time, add the corresponding .dll for DebugGame mode.

New Feature


Add support for SWebBrowser

Adding support for SWebBrowser allows you to embed WebBrowser in the tool window, which can be helpful in some situations, such as embedding the internal pipeline tool in the python tool in Unreal Editor.

Alt text

Using the SWebBrowser widget, the web browser plug-in is required. It is disabled by default. We must enable the plug-in before using it

SWebBrowser Plugin


  • Added "SizeRule" attribute for the SSplitter widget. Optional values are "FractionOfParent" and "SizeToContent",

  • And more attributes for SColorBlock and SColorPicker


  • GetVisibility

Get the current visibility status of the widget.

  • Set/GetColor

They are used for getting and setting the color of the widget.

More APIs for SWebBrowser widget though ChameleonData.

  • LoadURL
  • GetURL
  • LoadPageFromString
  • ReloadPage
  • GetTitleTextOfPage
  • IsPageLoaded
  • IsPageLoading
  • CanGoBack
  • GoBack
  • CanGoForward
  • GoForward
  • BindUobjectToBrowser
  • UnbindUobjectToBrowser


  • The tool's wind can be set with "IsModalWindow" or "HasMinimizeMaximizeButton" to hide the maximize button.

If IsModalWindow is set to True, Tab is still a nomad type and we can still dock to other Windows.

Known issue: the maximize button reappears after the window is floated from the docked window.

  • Add "HasSection" attribute, which defaults to True, used to hide the Section text above the menu item when creating a menu with ToolMenus Anchor.

Add a configurable menu for PhysicsAssetEditor and ControlRigEditor

As the Material Editor, we can add custom menus for Physics Asset Editor and Control Rig Editor now.

    "OnPhysicsAssetEditorMenu": {
        "name": "Python Menu On Physics Asset Editor",
                "name": "TA Python Physics Asset Example",
                "items": [
                        "name": "Print Physics Asset",
                       "command": "print(%f)"

Add menu in ToolMenus Anchor

We can add a TAPython menu where the UE ToolMenus can.

    "ControlRigEditor.RigHierarchy.ContextMenu": {
        "name": "Python Menu On Control Rig Editor",
        "items": [
                "name": "Rigging Tools",
                "command": "print('Rigging Tools')",
                "icon": {
                    "style": "ChameleonStyle",
                    "name": "Resources.Chameleon_32x_png"

And we can add a context menu for object's component in Detail views.

    Kismet.SubobjectEditorContextMenu: {
Console Command

"TAPython.RefreshToolMenus" can be used to refresh the "ToolMenus" menus, other menus will be auto-refreshed and not need this command

Editor Lib


  • GetModifierKeyState

GetModifierKeyState Get the modifier key states(Ctrl, Shift, Alt, etc.), so we used it to display an optional dialog or menu.

  • SnapshotDetails

We can tank a snapshot of the entire Details window via 'snapshot_details'. The file will be saved to \Saved\Screenshots\WindowsEditor\ObjectDetailProperties. Note we need to make sure the focus is on the Details window.



  • CancelDelayCallById

Cancel the specified DelayCall by ID.

Add PhysicsAssetLib

We got a new editor library: PhysicsAssetLib, as its name, it's for PhysicsAsset Editing.

Function Name Description
get_selected_bodies_indexes Get the indexes of the selected bodies in Physics Asset Editor
rotate_selected_body Set the rotation of the selected body in Physics Asset Editor
rotate_selected_constraint Set the rotation of the selected constraint in Physics Asset Editor
get_body_center Get the center value of the specified body
set_body_center Set the center value of the specified body
get_body_rotation Get the rotation value of the first body
get_bodies_rotations Get the rotation value of the first body
set_body_rotation Set the rotation value of the specified body
get_body_radius Get the Radius value of the body
set_body_radius Set the Radius value of the body
get_body_length Get the rotation value of the first body
set_body_length Get the rotation value of the first body
get_body_size Get the Size value of the box body
set_body_size Set the Size value of the box body
scale_body Scale the specified body
get_edited_physics_assets Get all PhysicsAsset currently being tracked with open editors
get_physics_asset_from_top_window Get the PhysicsAsset from the top opened editor window.
get_selected_item_names Get all the selected items name in PhysicsAsset editor window.
select_body_by_name Select the Body by name in PhysicsAsset editor window.
select_body_by_names Select the Bodies by name in PhysicsAsset editor window.
select_shape_by_name Select the Shape by name in PhysicsAsset editor window.
select_shape_by_names Select the Shapes by name in PhysicsAsset editor window.
select_constraint_by_name Select the constraint by name in PhysicsAsset editor window.
select_constraint_by_names Select the constraints by name in PhysicsAsset editor window.
add_constraints Add constraint to specified bodies
get_skeleton_hierarchy Get the bones hierarchy
get_bodies_hierarchy Get all the bodies names and their parent bone's index
get_constraints_names Get all the constraint's display names of PhysicsAsset
get_bone_indexes_of_constraint Get the parent and child bone's indexes of the specified Constraint
get_bone_index_from_body Get the first Body under the specified bone
get_bodies_from_bone Get the Bodies under the specified bone
get_constraint_instance_accessor Get the ConstraintInstanceAccessor from PhysicsAsset
reset_constraint_properties Reset the specified Constraint's values
update_profile_instance Update the Profile according to the specified Constraint
break_constraint_accessor Get the Owner and Constraint Index from ConstraintInstanceAccessor


  • The "Margin" of STextBlock is not working.
  • The "OnTextChanged" and "OnTextCommitted" callback are not working when the input text is empty. (delete the text with backspace)