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A image shows the usage of inspect module to get the variable in the upper scope.
TipsOfDay Thu, 31 August 2023

Get Chameleon Instance Variable

This article will introduce the scope of Chameleon tool instance variables and how to get the variables of other tool instances in Chameleon tools. So we can control other Chameleon Tool in one tool.

The separated python file for each Unreal Engine classes
TipsOfDay Fri, 18 November 2022

Split for a better development experience

Code highlighting and auto-completion in PyCharm and VSCode provide efficiency when developing python editor tools. However, the unreal-generated stub file becomes larger with each newer Unreal engine, causing low memory issues and slower performance in PyCharm. The author suggests splitting the file into smaller files by class name to improve development efficiency.

What is Chameleon Tool

TipsOfDay Thu, 03 March 2022

Description of "Chameleon Tool" in TAPython. All the python tools ui, are created from one SWidget. I named this kind of tool "Chameleon Tools"