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TAPython for UE5.3.0 is available

TAPython has released v1.2.0, which includes the build for Unreal Engine 5.3.0

What's new in TAPython v1.2.0

Add Support for UE 5.3


  • set_image_data The first parameter raw_data of set_image_data supports compressed data in Zlib format

For example, the code used to fill SImage before is:,, width, height, channel_num)

change to:, zlib.compress(, width, height, channel_num)

with the same result, you will get a faster execution speed, which will be 1/3~20 times faster, depending on the image content.


  • Use the compressed data, you need to specify the number of channels of the image.
  • It is recommended to use a lower compression rate to avoid the negative benefits caused by the increase in time consumption during the compression process.
    compressor = zlib.compressobj(level=1)  # use fast compression or use zlib.compress()
    compressed_data = compressor.compress(im.tobytes()) + compressor.flush(), compressed_data, width, height, channel_num)


Add more viewport and projection matrix related interfaces

  • Add set_level_viewport_camera_fov Set the fov of level viewport camera
  • Add get_level_viewport_camera_aspect Get the aspect of level viewport camera
  • Add get_level_viewport_size Get the size of level viewport
  • Add get_viewport_pixels_as_texture Get the content of first active viewport as Texture2D. UE5 only.
  • Add get_viewport_pixels_as_data Get the raw pixels from first active viewport as RawData
  • Add calculate_projection_matrix Calculate the Projection Matrix by fov and near plane
  • Add calculate_view_matrix Calculate the View Matrix by ViewLocation and ViewRotation.
  • Add calculate_vp_matrix Calculate the ViewProjection Matrix by ViewLocation, ViewRotation, fov and near plane.
  • Add calculate_inv_view_projection_matrix Calculate the inverse ViewProjection Matrix by ViewLocation, ViewRotation, fov and near plane.
  • Add project_world_to_view Project world position to view position.
  • Add frustum_trace Trace rays against the world using a specific profile in a gird in Frustum and return the hits. UE5 only.

Add Struct´╝Ü TAPythonPrimitiveHitResult

unreal.TAPythonPrimitiveHitResult is used to add more return data for HitResult.

  • component (PrimitiveComponent): [Read-Write]
  • hit_locations (Array[Vector]): [Read-Write]
  • hit_normals (Array[Vector]): [Read-Write]
  • is_this_triangles_vertex_all_visible (Array[bool]): [Read-Write]
  • screen_normals (Array[Vector]): [Read-Write]
  • screen_positions (Array[Vector2D]): [Read-Write]
  • transform (Transform): [Read-Write]
  • triangle_ids (Array[int32]): [Read-Write] The index of output in the expression


Add more interfaces for DynamicMesh

  • Add set_uvs_from_camera_projection Project the DynamicMesh to specified UVSet in current view. UE5 only.
  • Add get_visible_triangles Get the visible triangles of DynamicMesh in current view. UE5 only.
  • Add rasterize_and_trace_triangles_uv Trace the visibility of DynamicMesh in current view.(Experimental). UE5 only.
  • Add trace_dynamic_mesh_triangles_visibility Trace the visibility of DynamicMesh's triangles in current view. UE5 only.
  • Add get_triangles_face_normal_in_view Get the face normal of DynamicMesh in current view. (Experimental). UE5 only.
  • Add cal_triangles_derivatives Calculate the merged ddxy of DynamicMesh's triangles in current view. UE5 only.
  • Add export_normal_and_derivatives Export the current normal and mip of DynamicMesh in current view as raw data. (Experimental). UE5 only.


  • Add create_texture2d Create a Texture2D with specified size which has no uasset file. UE5 only.
  • Add finish_compilation_texture Wait for the texture to finish compiling. UE5 only.
  • Add parameter FlipY to create_texture2d_from_raw, default is False

Add menu items for Blueprint Editor

  • OnBlueprintEditorMenu Add menu items to Blueprint Editor
    "OnBlueprintEditorMenu": {
        "name": "Python Menu On Control BP",
                "name": "TA Python Blurprint Example",
                "items": [
                        "name": "Print Blueprint",
                        "command": "print(%asset_paths)"

The configuration items in Config.ini: MenuConfigFilePath and PythonContentFolder support absolute paths Request from. Now we can share Chameleon Tools in different projects.

Default Resource

Add two default menu items to the global Context menu of the Chameleon tool. (UE5 only)

  • "Log tool's json path" Log the json path of the current Chameleon tool's UI
  • "Log instance variable name" Log the instance variable name of the current Chameleon tool in Python

Add guess_instance_name method to guess the instance variable name of the current Chameleon tool in Python


  • Fix the warning of unreal.PythonBPLib.find_actor_by_name in UE5
  • Fix the problem that the right-click menu item of Outline cannot be created in UE4
  • Fix typo in some logs
  • Remove some redundant logs


Below is Experimental. It is only recorded here. There may be major changes later, and it is not recommended to use it in official tools.


Add support for SGraphPanel (Experimental), and EdGraphSchema_K2 is used by default.


Add SGraphPanel related methods (Experimental):

Note: The following methods are "Experimental" functions, which may be removed later. It is only recorded here.

  • Add spawn_to_graph_by_class
  • Add spawn_function_to_graph Spawn a specified function of a module in SGraphPanel.
  • Add spawn_function_to_graph_with_spawner Spawn a specified function of a module in SGraphPanel through a BPFunctionSpawner.
  • Add get_graph_panel_nodes Get all nodes in SGraphPanel.
  • Add clear_graph_panel Clear all nodes in SGraphPanel.
  • Add get_graph_selected_node Get the selected nodes in SGraphPanel.
  • Add get_graph_panel_content_as_json Get the content of SGraphPanel as JSON string
  • Add set_graph_panel_content_from_json Set the content of SGraphPanel from JSON string.

Add a new BPLib to process Blueprint related content


  • Add get_selected_nodes
  • Add log_schema
  • Add log_all_k2_nodes
  • Add log_all_schemas Log all available Schemas, and return UClass array
  • Add get_graph_node_by_name
  • Add get_all_k2_nodes
  • Add get_children_classes Get the children classes from the specified UClass
  • Add get_classes_from_module Get the UClass from the specified module name
  • Add get_bp_functions_spawners Get the UFunction from the specified UClass
  • Add get_bp_function_spawner Get the Spawner of the specified Blueprint function name, used to create nodes in SGraphPanel