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What's new in TAPython 1.0.11

TAPython has released v1.0.11, which includes the build for Unreal Engine 5.2.

Add Support for UE 5.2


In the past two months, TAPython has completed the update of the initial version of the document, and the subsequent documents will be iterated on the existing basis.

The document address in the plugin is updated to the new url:


  • Add "Modal Window", available options: InitTabSize, SizingRule (UserSized, FixedSize, Autosized), TabLabel, SupportsMinimize, SupportsMaximize, IsFloatingWindow. For details, please refer to: Modal Window


  • Add the "%SelectionType" field to the OnSelectionChanged of SComboBox. Valid values for the field are: "OnKeyPress", "OnNavigation", "OnMouseClick", "Direct"
  • Add support for Font in SMultiLineEditableTextBox
  • Add support for ForegroundColor in SMultiLineEditableTextBox
  • Add support for ColorAndOpacity in SMultiLineEditableText
  • Add support for Font in SEditableTextBox
  • Add support for ColorAndOpacity in SEditableTextBox
  • Add support for TextStyle in SEditableText, SEditableTextBox, SMultiLineEditableText, and SMultiLineEditableTextBox
  • Add support for VAlign and HAlign in SGridPanel
  • Add support for BackgroundColor in SEditableTextBox and SMultiLineEditableTextBox


  • Set the default VAlign of the middle element in SHeader to Center
  • Set the maximum refresh rate for OnTick to 60hz
  • Modify the log level when some Widget properties are missing
  • Fix the false warning of unhandled VAlign and HAlign in SCanvas

Default Resources

  • Add ModalWindow example resource "./ChameleonGallery/example_modal_window.json"
  • Remove the "IsModalWindow" field originally in "ChameleonGallery.json". This field will be exclusively used for "ModalWindow"
  • Add "" to separate the huge Stub file into individual files by class for easier viewing and code completion in PyCharm and similar tools, see here
  • Modify the default size of Chameleon Sketch to avoid scrollbar's flicker in some cases


  • Add unreal.ChameleonData.snapshot_sketch command for capturing the current Sketch panel
  • Add chameleon_data_instance.get_top_scroll_box_offsets(json_path) for getting the offset of the top scroll box in Chameleon Tool.
  • Add chameleon_data_instance.get_scroll_box_offsets(aka_name) for getting the offset of the scroll box in Chameleon Tool with the given name.

  • chameleon_data_instance::set_image_from_path(aka_name, image_file_path) supports using absolute paths

  • Add SetMinAspectRatio/SetMaxAspectRatio for SBox
  • Add chameleon_data_instance.set_min_aspect_ratio and chameleon_data_instance.set_max_aspect_ratio for setting the min/max aspect ratio of the given SBox

Python Editor API


  • Add unreal.PythonBPLib.get_class_path_name for getting the path name of the given object's class
  • Add unreal.PythonBPLib.get_viewport_linear_color_pixels for getting the pixels of the viewport as a linear color array
  • unreal.PythonBPLib.exec_python_command, add force_game_thread option to allow Python code to execute on the main thread. When we execute code in a sub-thread, if we need to modify the UI content, we can specify to modify it in the main thread through the force_game_thread option (the UI content can only be modified in the Game thread).


  • Fix the issue with the incorrect IsAltDown behavior in unreal.PythonBPLib.get_modifier_keys_state()