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What's new in TAPython 1.0.9

What's new in 1.0.9

Add PythonTestLib

A new editor lib PythonTestLib has been added to TAPython to complete the test cases of all the extended APIs.


In the test cases repo UE_TAPython_Plugin_TestCases, more than 200 PythonLib APIs has been tested.

Get logs from python

Now we can get the contents of the Output Log, which we can use to validate the operation result from the editor.

Note that Logs are the same content as Output Log in the editor, but they are separate. Clearing Log in Output Log will not affect what PythonTestLib.get_log returns, and vice visa

A new setting parameters LogNumberLimit in Config.ini will limit the maximum number of log buffers. The default size is 10240.

Call python command with delay and repetition

In the test case, I used delay_call, pushing the python scripting, then waiting for the editor to complete its asynchronous tasks, or waiting for the window to refresh, and so on.



Add "OnMapChangedCmd" to the Chameleon tool for executing Python commands when changing maps.


  • Clean references in Chameleon tool when unload map to avoid memory leaks
  • Sync the UI when changing map

For example, I fixed the crash when using ObjectDetailViewer tool and then loading another level, as the queried object has been referenced by ObjectDetailViewer. :-(

    "OnMapChangedCmd": "chemeleon_objectDetailViewer.on_map_changed(%map_change_type)",
    def on_map_changed(self, map_change_type_str):
        # remove the reference, avoid memory leaking when load another map.
        if map_change_type_str == "TearDownWorld":
            pass # skip: LoadMap, SaveMap, NewMap


  • %world: Get the world of map operation

  • %map_change_type: Get the operation type of changing map, "LoadMap", "SaveMap", "NewMap" or "TearDownWorld"



And have more fun with SDetailsView. More info and cpp gist



  • Add "AlwaysShowScrollbars" bool field in SMultiLineEditableTextBox

  • Add ScrollTo function, for scrolling the scroll bar to the specified location


add SetColorAndOpacity support for SScrollBox/SImage/STextBlock/SEditableText

Add More Editor APIs




  • remove incorrect waring logs when OnContextMenuOpening in SEditableTextBox was set.
  • Fix PythonBPLib.SetFolderColor not immediate apply the color with existing directories
  • Add more logs for PythonBPLib.SaveThumbnail.
  • Remove redundant /All/Game", "/All/EngineData/" in the return value from PythonBPLib.GetSelectedFolder
  • Fix PythonBPLib.SetSelectedFolder not work.
  • Fix crash when param "comp" is null when calling PythonBpLib.set_anim_blueprint
  • Fix PythonDataTableLib.SetPropertyByStringAt not work when "quote" in input values.
  • Fix PythonBPLib.FixupRedirectorsInFolder not work when input value is a string.
  • Fix create_landscape_proxy not work when SectionSize = 1
  • Add Optional parameters QuadsSpaceOffsetX/Y for create_landscape_proxy_with_guid
  • Fix crash when input value "asset_input_data" is null when calling PythonMeshLib.get_imported_original_mat_names.
  • Fix crash when input value "socket" is null when calling PythonMeshLib.set_static_mesh_socket_name.
  • Fix typo PythonMeshLib.get_selection_cast_shadow
  • Add Deprecated warning in some PythonLib APIs to warn that some functions can use ue engine native functions instead.
  • Add return value for PythonMeshLib.convert_mesh_to_static_mesh