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Fibonacci buttons preview in Unreal Engine Slate
Howto Sat, 02 July 2022

Using Live Templates To Speed Up UE Slate UI Creation

The Sketch tool of TAPython let developer preview the unreal Slate UI in realtime. With the live-templates in Pycharm, it can be considerably faster when coding the UI widgets. In this article I will introduce how to use Live-Templates in pycharm and try to code this UI in less than 90 seconds

SExpandableArea gif animation
SSplitter gif animation
A small photo that show the unreal Engine viewport content on an SPI small screen with a Raspberry pico
ReleaseNotes Sat, 11 June 2022

What's new in TAPython 1.0.4

TAPython has been upgraded to version 1.04 and supports Unreal 5.0.2.
1. Support more slates: SSplitter and SExpandableArea.
2. Configurable icons for menus.
3. Reference External Json in Chameleon UI.
4. More API in PythonBPLib For instance GetViewportPixels, and we can have a lot of fun with it.
and more...

What is Chameleon Tool

TipsOfDay Thu, 03 March 2022

Description of "Chameleon Tool" in TAPython. All the python tools ui, are created from one SWidget. I named this kind of tool "Chameleon Tools"

How do Debug TAPython

Howto Wed, 03 March 2021

HowTo debug Unreal Engine python Scripting tool TAPython. UE Plugin TAPython HowTo