I just connected my macro keypad with UE5 editor with my TAPython plugin and Raspberry pico.

UE5 The Physical buttons feel great, and Python is so nice both for software and hardware.


The full video can be found in the reddit post here

Some simple notes:

  • The raspberry pico can be run with micropython or circuitpython, so I can control it with python
  • The macro keypad connects with the pc as a midi device
  • TAPython Plugin connects this "midi device" with python library mido, which is great and easy to use.
  • My editor midi listener, which is at the upper center of the video, receives the midi message and sends it to all my python tools subscribers which do the actual jobs.
  • The midi device has an input and an output device, so we can control the pico from UE editor: D

And I think I should write a more detailed page next week

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