Property Type Note
Aka String Name for the widget
AutoWrapText Bool
Font Object For example´╝Ü"Font":
HintText String
Justification String Enum: ETextJustify: Left, Center, Right
LineHeightPercentage Number
Margin Number or Number Array (Length = 2 or 4)
Marshaller String "ChameleonRichText"
OnContextMenuOpening Object JSON Value that contains the menu config. Same as the menu in the MenuConfig.ini
OnTextChanged String The python code which will be executed.
OnTextCommitted String The python code which will be executed.
SelectAllTextWhenFocused Bool
Text String
ToolTipText String
Visibility Enum: EVisibility: Visible, Collapsed, Hidden, HitTestInvisible, SelfHitTestInvisible, All

functions what can be called from ChameleonData

FunctionName Description
set_text Set the text of widget:
get_text Get the text of widget.
set_text_read_only Set the text of widget Read Only or not.


Example 1:

    "SMultiLineEditableTextBox": {
        "Text": "Multi-line Box\nPadding/Margin describes spacing four sides. \nMargin: 10 with uniform space on all sides\nMargin: [0, 10] spacing at Vertical sides\nMargin: [0, 2, 4, 6] left spacing=0, top=2, right=4, bottom=6",                                         
        "HintText": "This is a SMultiLineEditableTextBox",
        "Margin": [10,0],
        "ToolTipText": "Tool Tips",
        "AutoWrapText": true

Example 2:

        "Text": "line 1 \nline 2 \nline 3",
        "HintText": "SelectAllTextWhenFocused",
        "Font": {
            "Style": "FEditorStyle",
            "StyleName": "FontAwesome.16"
        Margin: 10,
        "SelectAllTextWhenFocused": true,
        "OnTextChanged": "print(%)",
        "OnTextCommitted": "print('input text: {}'.format(%))"

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