Property Type Note
Aka String Name for the widget
NameAreaSettings String Settings for displaying the name area of SDetailsView, Enum:ENameAreaSettings: HideNameArea, ObjectsUseNameArea, ActorsUseNameArea, ComponentsAndActorsUseNameArea. Default: ObjectsUseNameArea
ToolTipText String
Visibility Enum: EVisibility: Visible, Collapsed, Hidden, HitTestInvisible, SelfHitTestInvisible, All
bAllowSearch Bool rue if we allow searching. Default: True
bHideSelectionTip Bool True if you want to not show the tip when no objects are selected. Default: False
bLockable Bool True if this property view can be locked. Default: False
bSearchInitialKeyFocus Bool True if you want the search box to have initial keyboard focus. Default: False
bUpdatesFromSelection Bool True if the viewed objects updates from editor selection. Default: False


Example 1:

        "Aka": "DetailsView"

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