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Property Type Note
Aka String Name for the widget
Content Object The only child widget in this widget's content.
HAlign String Enum: EHorizontalAlignment: Fill, Left, Center, Right
HeightOverride Number
MaxDesiredHeight Number
MaxDesiredWidth Number
MinDesiredHeight Number
MinDesiredWidth Number
Padding Number or Number Array (Length = 2 or 4)
ToolTipText String
VAlign String Enum: EVerticalAlignment: Fill, Top, Center, Bottom
Visibility Enum: EVisibility: Visible, Collapsed, Hidden, HitTestInvisible, SelfHitTestInvisible, All
WidthOverride Number


Example 1:

        "MinDesiredWidth": 200,
        "MinDesiredHeight": 80,
        "Content": {
            "SSlider": {
                "Orientation": "Vertical",
                "Value": 0.5,
                "Locked": false,
                "OnValueChanged": "print(%)"